Satisfying those shellfish cravings! BIG EASY LONDON!

You know when you put an Indian in Britain she craves Indian food…real Indian food and not ‘Poppadoms’ and ‘Tikka Masala’; and when you put a Bengali-Goan girl without real seafood she goes crazy!

And that is what happened to me! When Elisabeth and I booked one of our first Megabus to London, one of the first things I did was start browsing on where I could satisfy my crave for crab and seafood. Through a random hashtag on instagram I find Big Easy .

Trust me their Instagram page was absolutely the magnet that drew us to them… Check out the glimpse below!


– Seafood??? Yes!

– Big Platters??? YES!

And that is basically how we Google mapped our way to the Big Easy chain in Covent Garden! Elisabeth was too as excited as me, and perhaps the fondest memory of this food trip for us was how it became that trip where we finally broke any remainders of awkwardness we had as new friends.

Elisabeth was what I perceived as a quiet person who just nods a lot (might be because it’s hard to get me to stop talking) but the minute the waiter at Big Easy served her frozen Margarita I saw someone new!!!

Aww :’-D I had forgotten how new the friendship was at that point! Less than 3 months!


And while she was happy to see that delicious Lobster, I was more than happy to see that delicious seafood combo platter come my way!

Lobster, Prawns, Mussels, Squid, and CRAB

I was almost singing!!!

But that happens when food is good,  you either have adjectives that make you want to write a book, and sometimes you can’t think of anything else to say but – ‘Lets dig in’ and that is enough to sum up.





If you are in London and love your share of BBQ and Seafood this is an amazing place to be. I’ve heard their steaks and chicken platters are just as loved and they have a huge burger menu! Trust me wearing that bib and waiting for gorgeous food to come your way can totally create #FoodMoments your going to cherish!

As a kid, I grew up on the occasional seafood dinner – swordfish, shrimp (which I always had mixed feelings about) and my favorite, salmon – whatever we could afford at the time. As a teenager I came to appreciate the rich flavors of lobster and crab… dipped in lots of butter…and they became my choice for ‘special’ meals I got to pick – graduation and the like!

It was fitting for the splurge on our last night in London to be all that yummy seafood. I also liked that it was an “American” – style meal, even it is not the party of the country that I’m from. The fact that they labeled the toilets “Washrooms” gave away the truth, though – the founders are Canadian! xx Elisabeth  

Ciao – Yashodhara


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