How much is that Kronut in the window? #BarcelonaTravels

You know how sometimes, when you’re exploring a new city, a certain something catches your eye in the window and you know there is no way you’re leaving without it? Well, my first evening exploring Barcelona included that very experience – with a chocolate-covered pastry.

What's in the box?!

What’s in the box?!

Being from the States and a fan of all baked goods, you would have thought I would have tried a crossaint-donut (known by many names, at Chök it is kronut) by now. Unfortunately, I had only had a couple bites of a grocery store brand until this point. The ones I saw in the window at Chök were like nothing I had ever seen before – all completely covered in dark chocolate and each uniquely topped.

I had found it – the one to lose my cro-donut virginity to (grocery store brand totally doesn’t count). After a wonderful few days in Barcelona we had some time to kill before our flight to Madrid, so I returned to pick up my beloved. With careful consideration, I settled on a raspberry-yogurt topping (throwback to the granola bars I lived off of during the early days of undergrad).


A thing of beauty.

A couple hours later, while at the airport waiting to board, I finally dug in. The yogurt and raspberry bits were delicious! It was such an interesting texture – a thick, solid coating of chocolate around a light pastry – it was almost like three different treats in one. While €3-something was a bit pricey for a kronut that seemed to be mostly air, it was an experience, and the quality of the chocolate made me wish I could go back and try more of their products. Hopefully someday!

xx Elisabeth

Chök the chocolate kitchen

Carrer del Carme, 3, 08001 Barcelona, Spain

+34 933 04 23 60


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