You say ‘Belgium’, I hear ‘Waffles’…Mokafé is a must! #Brussels

For the last leg of our spring 2015 Europe trip, the group of 5 Media & PR girls split, with two staying on to sun on the beaches of Portugal, one heading straight back to the UK and Yasho and I heading to out final destinations of Brussels and Amsterdam.

A rainy night in Brussels...

A rainy night in Brussels…

We flew from Lisbon to Brussels and were met with a rainy evening that included a nice dinner of shrimp scampi (with wine and cheese) at a restaurant & bar near our hostel and a walk through the Grand-Place area, marveling at all the chocolate and sweets shops (my favorite, of course, being ‘Elisabeth’). And this oddly…racist?… but fitting to me (as I am very, very pale!) sign I saw inside of one:

We could have told you Elisabeth was the whitest ages ago!

Luckily all the girls I traveled with appreciate good food, so I was able to fulfill a lot of my foodie desires throughout my trip. Once there was just two of us, though, we had a bit more time and freedom to plan out all the food places we wanted to hit – so we did!

First morning in Belgium, we knew what we had to do: Belgian waffles! I believe Mokafé was featured on a Brussels guide we got from the hostel, along with the explanation that the proper Belgian way was to have them garnished with powdered sugar and nothing else. Of course I had to try it that way, while Yasho opted for a bit of chocolate sauce on the side as well. We also may have ordered some spiked hot chocolates to wash them down, as well!


Pure satisfaction right here!

“Well of course I did! Liz’s powdered sugar option was probably the more refined choice, but the doze of chocolate I had was something I do not regret. I’m a very simple girl, get me something delicious I’m happy, get me something delicious with rich chocolate and I am over the moon!” – Yashodhara


While I’m not sure how much of an art it is to produce a great Belgian waffle, I know these ones fit the bill! The perfect crisp exterior and warm, soft inside. I don’t have any other true Belgian waffles to compare it to, either, because for our next (and last) morning in Brussels, we chose to eat here again, and I got the same thing. The staff is friendly, the vibe is lively but not too busy – wonderful place to spend time in the morning enjoying breakfast and a drink at a leisurely pace with a friend!

xx Elisabeth


Galerie du Roi 9

32 02 511.78.70

Open Mon – Sun 7:00 – 23:00


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