All Aboard el Tren de Churro! (Or Not?)

The experiences we’ve documented so far have been for the most part positive ones, but this next stop in Madrid was a bit disappointing. It was a must to visit one of the classic churro cafés in the city, so the gang and I went to the 121-year-old Chocolatería San Ginés. It was TripAdvisor-approved, maintaining a 4-star rating with several thousand reviews.

The line, which extended outside the entrance, also made it seem like a promising prospect. The queue moved quickly and as we were paying I even commented to a friend that I hoped it was really delicious and not just popular because it was quite a good deal (only €3.5 for 6 long churros and the chocolate).

They looked very promising!

“Right! I loved the whole train booth seating and interiors…as far as the churros were concerned it was I’m guessing more disappointing because of the hype behind the place.”

Unfortunately, I did find both the churros and chocolate underwhelming. I usually love any type of fried dough, sweet, savory, plain, whatever, but these were just okay. I would say that perhaps I am just used to a different, sweeter type of churro from the Mexican restaurants and carts back home, but I enjoyed the free churros back at the hostel more.

While a nice texture, they were lacking a yum factor! Although, they would still be a nice accompaniment to a rich, flavorful chocolate…which unfortunately was not provided!


Dip it good!

Yes, it was thick drinking chocolate that came with the churros, but so was most of the ‘hot chocolate’ in Spain. It was nothing special and my friends seemed to dislike it even more than I did – they agreed there was something lacking and that it was very bland.

Several Trip Advisor reviews I read rave about the chocolate, and in some of the pictures it looks darker and thicker than what we got – so perhaps it was just a bad batch!

It is a fun environment and cheap, so I would not say an absolute NO to checking it out for yourself if you are in the area – I just can’t personally recommend it as a major foodie, especially with many other churro options in the city.

Have you tried any of them? Let us know!

xx Elisabeth & Yashodhara

Pasadizo de San Gines 5, 28013 Madrid, Spain

+34 913 65 65 46


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