About Us

Khaana & Cocktails is the love child of two best friends from opposite sides of the globe. One year in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, UK brought Elisabeth and Yashodhara together.

No matter how different personalities are, friendship bloomed  as we started discovering that we had more than lecture schedules in common!

The love of food…

Someone mentioned how she loves to bake and the other went ‘mmmmmm’

Someone mentioned about how much she misses India’s street food and spices and the other went ‘mmmmmmmm.’

We learnt the best about each other and learnt a lot from each other.

‘Zed’ became ‘Zee’

The American girl went to have ‘Khichidi’ during Durga Puja in UK to keep her Bengali friend company

We learnt how much we love the £5 bottle of Wine from Tesco

We learnt that it was the first time both of us had left our respective home countries and that the level of excitement both of us had matched when it came to wanting to explore cuisines in different places.

So much so, when that the time came and we sat down to plan our first ever Europe trip …the itineraries revolved around food….and it never stopped.

Now being miles apart in different time zones, the love for food and the best cocktails have inspired us to start making a long list of places that we want to visit together, and that led to us wanting to run our own blog!

After a Skype Call for brainstorming we penned down everything we hope Khaana & Cocktails will be! And hope is what gives dreams like this the right push!


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