All Aboard el Tren de Churro! (Or Not?)

The experiences we've documented so far have been for the most part positive ones, but this next stop in Madrid was a bit disappointing. It was a must to visit one of the classic churro cafés in the city, so the gang and I went to the 121-year-old Chocolatería San Ginés. It was TripAdvisor-approved, maintaining a … Continue reading All Aboard el Tren de Churro! (Or Not?)


A Very #Foodie Book Club

When I was in high school, probably more than 10 years ago now, my mom and I started attending a book club that my grandma was in - a small group started by her friend. Legend has it it began as a way for said friend to go through all the classics she already owned, but … Continue reading A Very #Foodie Book Club